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Large lasercut D20 kit

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Laser-cut Materials

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Build your own huge D20 die from this kit. The twenty sides of this die are laser-cut from the material of your choice and fit together with pins and slots (no glue required). Instructions on how to assemble are included. Because this kit comes with each numbered side as a separate part, you can choose to put it together as a regular gaming d20 (as used in tabletop roleplaying games), a numerically balanced d20*, or in a spindown life counter (as used in Magic: the Gathering). Once assembled the final product measures about 83 mm (3.3") across opposing sides and 104 mm (4.1") from tip to tip.

Please note: the assembled die will not be perfectly balanced, and although the construction can stand up to rolling, it is more suited as a display or novelty item, or for usage as a counter.


This item is made to order, so please allow a for few days between your order date and the shipping date.

*: The numerically balanced D20 layout was invented by Robert Bosch, Robert Fathauer, and Henry Segerman from The Dice Lab. For more information see here.

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