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Vortex D20 Large 3D-printed kit

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Build your own huge D20 die with this 3d-printed kit. The twenty sides of the kit snap together easily and can be assembled however you like. This allows you to build a regular d20 (as used in tabletop roleplaying), a d20 spindown life counter (as used in Magic: the Gathering), or a numerically balanced d20*.

This kit is printed in high quality PLA, and is available in a wide range of colors. The finished d20 is quite large (86 mm (or 3.4") across opposing sides, 108 mm (4.25") from tip tot tip), and it includes internal LED lighting in the color of your choice. (Choose a color for the outside and for the light that are relatively close to each other for the best shine-through effect.)

Assembly instructions for these three different builds are included. While it is possible to press-fit the kit together, you will get the best result when you glue each side into place. (Glue not included in the kit.) Use a plastic glue suited for PLA or a gel-based cyano acrylate glue (super glue).

The LED lights require two CR2032 button cell batteries (not included).

This item is made to order, so please allow for a few days between your order date and the shipping date.


*: The numerically balanced D20 layout was invented by Robert Bosch, Robert Fathauer, and Henry Segerman from The Dice Lab. For more information see here.