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Starry D20 - Red (Blue/Purple Shimmer), Numerically Balanced

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This d20 is made from polyurethane resin. The base color is a warm red and purple/blue sparkles have been added to give it an interesting shimmer effect. It is quite a bit larger than a regular d20, measuring approximately 28.5 mm (±1.1 inch) across opposing faces, and approximately 36.5 mm (±1.4 inch) from point to point. It weighs about 14 grams.

The design for this die is based on the 3d printed steel version from my Starry polyhedral set (which you can find here). It is numbered using a numerically balanced layout to ensure the fairest possible results.*

All my cast dice are designed using professional engineering software, and I take care to make them as balanced as possible. The masters for my casts are then 3d printed in extremely high resolution resin to ensure the highest possible dimensional accuracy. These masters are then used to cast silicone rubber molds which are used to make the final casts for these dice. These steps are done with precision to ensure that the end product is as balanced and fair as possible. However, because the casting and finishing is done by hand, please allow for small irregularities and flaws.

*The numerically balanced d20 layout was developed by Robert Bosch, Robert Fathauer, and Henry Segerman from The Dice Lab, and injection molded dice of their design are available at the MathArtFun webshop.

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