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Shapeways Dice: 10D10

These ten sided 10D10 dice are also known as decader or percentile dice. They show the 'tens' from 0 through 90, and are usually used together with a regular ten sided (d10) die to roll for percentages.

This is an overview of all my designs for 10d10 dice that are available through my Shapeways Shop. These designs are 3D-printed in high quality steel, precious metals or, in some cases, colored nylon or sandstone. Most of them are available in a range of different finishes and/or colors. For more information about a particular design, please click on the image below to visit that item's detail page at

Regular Gaming 10D10 Dice

Also known as decader or percentile dice.

Spin-down life counter 10D10 Dice

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